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Buddy and the Green Galoshes

A dog? Allergic to grass? That doesn't make any sense!

Buddy was a happy-go-lucky golden retriever until his paws turned red and began to itch. A trip to the vet reveals that Buddy can't do the one thing dogs love most, playing in the grass. 

With his life turned upside down, buddy must adjust to his new grass allergy, deal with bullies, and learn to rely on the people who have always been there for him.

Buddy and the Green Galoshes is a heartwarming story about adapting to change, gaining confidence in being different, and loving yourself despite what others say about you. 

Wreckleaf_EB (2).jpg

Book One in the Wreckleaf Series

The very thing that keeps me alive...
could easily kill you.

Seventeen-year-old Nerissa John isn't supposed to exist. Designed as a disposable novelty, her kind were eliminated years ago. But after a fatal act of self-defense exposes her, Nerissa and her family are captured, and suddenly find themselves unwitting accomplices in a deadly experiment of unimaginable magnitude. ​​
Silent Blue 
Book Two in the Wreckleaf Series
The very thing that keeps me alive...
may now be the death of me.

After the epic last night of the Season, Nerissa John wakes to find things haven't exactly ended as she’d planned. Things haven’t ended at all. It’s just the beginning. Again.

With the odds stacked impossibly high against her, this time, Nerissa is utterly alone. Manipulated, tortured, and ripped apart by her corrupt captors, Nerissa must find the strength and courage to rise again and finally bring them down. Even if she has to go down with them.

In the works, coming soon...

Mom always said, truth is stranger than fiction. But when fourteen year-old Teagan Reynolds joins a writer’s club at school and becomes close friends with Ellie…her Mom’s words become the understatement of the year.

Ellie has a dark side, and she admits mental illness runs in her family. But Teagan is drawn to her sweet, loving and compassionate side, and wants to help Ellie fight her demons. But something is just not right, and when the imaginary friend Ellie remembers from her past becomes something much more real…Teagan begins to put together the pieces of a terrifying puzzle.

Told through the varying perspectives of two young writers, TRooth takes the reader on a wild, secretive journey, where the story that’s being fed to Teagan and Ellie pales in comparison to the horrifying truth they will discover.

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