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About the Author


JD Steiner is an American fiction writer, born and raised, and currently at home in the suburbs north of Chicago. Inspired by speculative sciences, alternative-history, human nature and all things creative, JD is also a parent, spouse, and the concierge of their busy household. 

She holds no formal degree in that which feeds her soul. But with a lifetime of daily practical application, classes, workshops, retreats, and now, published work, writing is entwined into the very fiber of her being. JD believes in her calling; to create great works of fiction worthy of her reader's deep escape. And she believes in you. 

"We are what we love, not what loves us... And it is our responsibility to give the world the very thing that lights us up, that makes us sing, and dream, and laugh. No matter what. The world NEEDS what each of us has to give. Let’s work together to lift each other up and express our unique gifts. Join together, writers, artists, musicians, programmers, designers, photographers, dancers, chefs, architects, stylists, creators… and so on, and so on… I am a writer, an author. It’s in my blood, and bones, and DNA."

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