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Book Two in the WRECKLEAF Series

The very thing that keeps me alive...

Could now be the death of me.


After the epic last night of the Season, Nerissa John wakes to discover things haven’t exactly ended as she’d planned. Things haven’t ended at all. It’s just the beginning. Again.



Book One in the Young-Adult Series

The very thing that keeps me alive...

Could easily kill you.

"This is a fantastic book! I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading it. Amazing characters and the story line is incredible. I can’t wait for the sequel!!!!!!!!"



Loved this book. The story line is interesting and keeps you wanting more! What will Nerissa do next and how can they live this way? Can't wait for volume 2 as for volume 1 keeps you hanging. A must read."

- Maribel


"Loved this book, once I picked it up it was difficult to put down so I finished it in two sessions! Great plot and story, the characters come to life so well and the story has a great plot and twists. Hope it gets plenty of recognition to become a movie, looking forward to the sequel!"

- Amazon Customer

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